Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has–Margaret Mead

The Foxes Boxes is not “just” a restaurant—it’s a social enterprise that will partner with community organizations working with marginalized populations to provide on-the-job training that incorporates leadership development, relationship building, and strong interpersonal communication skills, generating a valuable workforce for the hospitality and service industry in our region. After participating in the “externship” program, employees will have the skills necessary to transition into permanent positions in the community.

This is a mission that will take a village.

There will be more details provided on The Foxes Boxes externship program after the restaurant has opened, established systems, and determined how many participants will be needed for the volume of customers. Until then, follow us on social media for regular updates. The externship program is why the restaurant was started—we can’t wait to get it launched!!

Once things are underway this page will be where we share the stories of the organizations, individuals, farmers, guests, and anyone else who wants to talk. Stories connect and heal us. We hope that the space created at The Foxes Boxes brings people together who might not otherwise meet and through their stories learn that they are more alike than different.